Pipe relining is a trenchless pipe restoration method that continues to become one of the most used sewer pipe repair applications in Australia. The pipe relining process is conducted by inserting a resin liner into a small and excavated entry point. After the resin liner is properly positioned; it’s then heated with warm water or steam to harden/cure. The newly hardened resin liner doesn’t only seal up the cracks and other damages — but it also acts as the new pipeline of the sewer system.

What are the Advantages of Pipe Relining?

No major and destructive excavations

-Old and standard sewer pipe repair is such a complete mess due to the deep and widespread excavations. As what you might expect; the digging damages the landscape of properties near the work site.

Things are different and better with pipe relining since only minimal digging is required. The excavation area is just big enough for the resin liner to smoothly move through the pipe system. A lesser and smaller variant of excavation means there is only a small chance for the replacement to produce any noticeable and significant damage to properties near the dig site.

The resin liner can improve the sewer system

-Resin liners don’t just seal up breakage of the sewer pipes; it also provides other useful features that can benefit the sewer system in the long run. The smooth and refined surface of the resin liner can improve the wastewater flow of the sewer system. Also, resin liners don’t have porous content and has a tough exterior — making it highly resistant to root attacks.

This repair method can be done faster than most pipe repair solutions

Pipe restorations that drag on for many days and weeks bring a lot of convenience for the property owner. Due to the minimal amount of digging; pipe relining can be finished in only a few days or even just a day (for minor repairs). Less repair time means the repair crew will won’t stay long on the property.

It will last a lifetime

The longevity of the repair should always be considered with sewer pipe restorations. Top tier resin liners applied in pipe relining can last a lifetime; outperforming most pipe materials when it comes to useful lifespan.

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